Dustless Blasting®

Our Dustless Blasting® process is the quickest way to safely remove paint, coatings and corrosion off of most services. Unlike sandblasting, the water in our process reduces friction and heat while increasing the force without warping or damaging thinner gauge metals. The result is a cleaner, faster and safer process using recycled bottle glass.

Painting / Powder Coating & Ceramic Coating

Once your surface has been blasted, we are able to professionally refinish your project with a variety of paints or coatings including powder and ceramic coating in a small batch environment. Blasting and painting can be done on-site and customized for your application at your location. Powder Coating and Ceramic Coating are done in our shop.

Repair and Fabrication

After blasting, projects often require minor repair. Straightening, repairing cracked welds and replacing weakened pieces or patches are common repairs that are required. SPE offers these services for minor repairs that you or your maintenance department may not have time to complete.






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